Declutter Your Mind…Declutter Your Life

Photo by: Paola K; Kyoto, Japan

I’m sitting right now in my favorite place in the living room: At my writing desk, gazing at the wonderful forest that happen to be right in front of my house. I took a small break to observe my surroundings: I like to see my living space tidy, clean, organized… nothing should be out of place. That gives me a good feeling, you know? Like a feeling that things are going well.

Disclaimer: You don´t want to see the same living space I am describing now when my kids are home; that would give you a complete different picture; more like a war room, a place that just got hit by a hurricane…. but that’s another story.

I think everybody can get inspired and motivated when surrounded by harmony, cleanliness and good distributed space.

The practice of decluttering or also known as minimalism, is a movement that started back in the 1950s in the Arts but only became a popular lifestyle trend a couple of years ago in the western world, when our friend M