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My name is Paola Knecht, I'm a certified leadership, transformational, and self-development coach and author.

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My Story

Since I was a little kid, I loved to read, write and hear stories about people. I was curious to understand, why people think the way they do. In what they believe in. What were their personal stories. What made them unique.


Over the last 15 years that I have been in the corporate world, I have worked in diverse industries as an engineer and project manager, driving all kinds of strategic projects mainly in global, science-based companies. It is during my time working in big and complex projects, in global cross-cultural settings, that I learned something that changed my life and my understanding of the business as well as my own personal challenges: It´s all about people. You can create the perfect strategy for a company. The perfect planning. You can develop the best technical and managerial skills and gather the perfect data… but without people being committed, passionate and energised about the cause, everything just falls apart.


I started to shift my focus from trying to create the perfect tools, strategies and processes to paying more attention to my team, coworkers, customers, mentors and all people involved in delivering successful projects. I wanted to understand what were their motivations. What were their fears. What were their frustrations. What was really holding them back in getting the desirable results, and how can we make it work together. 


That´s what our mission is all about: To help you get what you truly want in your personal and professional life. Dare to live the life of your dreams!


Let's connect.

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