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 Paola Knecht has recently released a series of books and workshops to assist people in achieving their goals in life. Stay up to date with the latest book publications from Paola Knecht and learn more about her projects. 

A World Of Illusions

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We are living at a critical point in our history, and our human civilization as we know it is on the verge of a radical transformation.

In our attempt to regain our lost paradise, we can become obsessed with recovering a sense of security, even if it is for just a brief moment. The problem is that we are often looking in the wrong places. It turns out, most things that society promises will bring us happiness never really live up to their expectations. The moral compass that defines our Western societies seems to be pointing us towards decadence; people are moving away from patriotism, religion, and family values, and are falling prey to ideologies that represent the antithesis of those values: intolerance, violence, anti-family agendas, and an overall lack of moral compass.


With this book Paola Knecht invites you to join our revolution-The revolution of the awakening souls. Find out more!

The Sucess Mindset

In this book, Paola Knecht shares with you eleven pillars to untap the higher Self that habits within you, which longs to have an extraordinary life, the life you were born to live.

You will learn to:

  • Discover your vision

  • Untap your intuition

  • Learn unique techniques for self-discovery

  • Understand what differentiates ordinary men vs extraordinary men

  • Learn to build strong resilience and discipline

  • Overcome the fear of failure

  • Develop a self-image that will allow you to reach all you want in life

  • Learn the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit and how to benefit from being part of the whole

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