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Earth Day: My Wake Up Call

Photo from Pexels

Yesterday, we celebrated our beloved Earth. This is the only place we know as our Home and probably, the only place we will ever know.

Our little Home, compared to the vast Cosmos, it´s so precious to us, but at the same time, we have been ignoring it, taking it for granted… For many years. We have done disastrous things in our planet, in the name of prosperity and security for the human race.

It has been very difficult for me to understand why. What made us turn against our beloved planet. Why do we destroy the very source that gives us life? What is the explanation for it?

Recently, I read a beautiful quote from Eckhart Tolle, that completely made a click on my consciousness:

The pollution on Earth it´s just an external reflection of an internal psychic collective pollution: Millions of unconscious individuals are not being responsible of their internal space“.

It took me a while to understand the profoundity of this quote. But when I did, it all made suddenly sense to me.

Who would be insane enough to destroy what is most sacred to us?

When we hear stories about murders, we tend to condemn the murderer and judge as this person is insane, crazy… Out of the mind. We as humanity have murdered life. We have been killing us among ourselves in the name of crazy ideologies and resources. We have killed other species. Is it then so, that we do it because we are insane and unconscious?

What does it take to wake up, and appreciate all that surrounds us: All the beauty, all the life… And reverence life for what it is, unexplainable, marvelous and misterious. What if we just need to surrender to life, to become conscious?

I don´t think that we have consciously contributed to the destruction of the environment. It must have been, that we have been ignorant about it… unconscious. We valued a collective idea of prosperity and security that ignored the preservation of our source of life, and we have not been aware of it.

This source of ignorance, is probably generated from our own personal ignorance about ourselves. The belief that we are separated entities, with no relation to the environment and any other life on it. Even we as species, have treated eachother for years as if we were separated, just because we have been born in another geographical area, with a different skin color, and a different appearance on the outside, even if we know that from the inside, we are 98% exactly made of the same matter, and we even share exact the same composition with the rest of the plants and animals.

Fortunately, we are waking up from that ignorance. We are recognizing more and more globally and collectively about the danger we are causing if we continue to pollute and destroy the environment at the same rate we have been doing it. I wonder if this awakening is also coming from the inside of ourselves.

Are we contributing with the destruction of our planet with our negative thoughts?

We know now, that our thoughts are powerful and they materialize when we act on them. So, we have been causing all this mess starting with our thoughts. The greed, the fear, the envy… The sadness, the desperation… The feeling of loneliness. All these has been manifested in the exterior by wars, political and ideological conflicts, violence, and depredation of other natural resources.

It´s time to take our own personal responsibility. How have I contributed to the destruction of the mother Earth? How do my thoughts and actions have influenced towards the degradation of it? How can I change it, and start a different dynamic of thought?

It´s time to think positive. It´s time to think about unity, about love, about oneness with ourselves and the planet. We are all connected, interrelated. One cannot live without the other. To think we are, is to be completely insane.

This is a wake up call. I don´t think we have a choice. Either we wake up, or we will be gone. Pursuing to propagate our species by going to other planets will not solve the very source of the problem: Our unconsciousness, our obsession with specialness, with trying to be separated. Our obsession with our ego and the use of time, being always too focused on the past or the future, and never in the present.

The only time to act is now. That´s all we have, and all we will ever have.

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