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The Meaning of Personal Transformation

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I have been reflecting these past days about the word transformation.

We know that life’s engine is through transformation. Everything alive evolves to fulfil a specific purpose. A small seed can transform itself into a wondrous Oak tree, just as a small caterpillar transforms itself into a beautiful butterfly.

But what does that mean for us? How can we be aware of our own transformation?

Just the other day I heard a remarkable speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., which precisely talks about transformation. He shared his own experience with this phenomenon. What he said really stuck with me and made me think further about the topic.

He shared his own experience with transformation. During his youth, he used to be a drug addict and he even described himself as a “bundle of desires”. His life was completely driven by a total self-will. After a certain time, a life driven by self-will ends up becoming meaningless. He struggled to find meaning anymore to what he was actually accomplishing. The world seemed chaotic, dull and unbearable. Until one day, he decided to surrender, and turn his will to a Higher Power. Once he surrendered to serve a higher purpose, is when he understood the meaning of transformation.

Every decision in his daily life, whether small or big, had now a moral dimension, and he realised that by making the right choices his life started to change and rewards and blessings came very fast. He keeps on saying that when his life became fully rewarded he still tries to keep his humility in place because that’s the only way that you can keep connected to the Higher Source. It is particularly challenging when things are going well in your life, he says, because when things go well one hardly thinks about God or in asking for help.

Most people who are desperate and helpless tend to turn to God for help. But what happens when you are doing great? How do you keep finding meaning in your life despite your many blessings?

This explains maybe why so many people experience anxiety and depression, even though theoretically they have everything: a house, food on the table, and even family and friends who love them. Why do so many people fall into addictions and cravings of all types? Wouldn´t it be because they are lacking a life with real meaning?

When I examine my own life, I realize that what keeps me going is my desire to help. I have a deep desire to be of service and to share everything I know that can help people navigate through this dense, toxic World. I know that I have the moral responsibility to act in the service of what is right and what I regard as the truth. I wake up every day thinking I have to report to God for another day at His service. 

To take decisions with a moral dimension is what psychologist Jordan Peterson would say is making your bed every day, tidying up your room and showing up at work even if you don’t feel like it- because it is not about you, but it is all about what you are offering to the World. Is to work towards becoming a much better person than what you are today. It is to explore the potential of being. It is in the limits of the unknown where we have the field play of becoming. 

Eventually, how others see you means nothing. What is meaningful is how you see yourself. A superior man thinks about virtue; a petty man thinks about comfort.

How do you feel about the word transformation?

How would you transform yourself into someone who can live purposefully and plenty?

I would love to hear your experience.

To learn more about the topic, I invite you to read my book:

God bless,

Paola K.

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