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My Dream Begins

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Since that obscure Winter,

I never saw the sunshine again,

my soul was filled with disillusionment,

I blinded the two lights so I couldn´t see through them;

those darkest thoughts still live in my deepest soul.

My only wish was to disappear,

to go far, to abandon the real world.

The time passed by

and today, I felt my awakening;

the eyes of my soul could now see,

those thunders of light that the sun projects every day.

Free, free like the rain, like the air.

I feel now purified, I have returned to the real world.

Those painful moments have already gone away.

There’s nothing to fear,

there’s nothing that can fill my eyes with tears again.

Now my eyes have already stopped bleeding.

Today, I conclude this stage of my life

And my dream begins.

June 5, 2002 by Paola Vazquez (Knecht)

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