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Healthy Families = Healthy Societies

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In Today’s state of the world, nobody talks about the role family plays in the preservation of human societies. In the last decades, the focus has been set on basically destroying the very core of a functional family: the role of men and women.

Good families have a solid male-father figure who brings leadership, security and stability to the family members. They also have a caring mother, who primarily has the task of raising their children and are by excellence the food scientists, doctors, teachers, psychologists and multi-task talented of the family.

When each member of the family understands their role, there is more harmony and stability at home. Back in the 50s and 60s, one salary was enough to sustain a family of four, have a nice house and have a comfortable, decent life. However, as the decades passed and globalization started to become the hope for a “progressive future of prosperity and collaboration”- we started to see strange shifts in our cultures and especially in family structures.

The first wave of change is the encouragement of women to join the workforce. The women’s rights movement in the late 60’s not only triggered the feminist movement of that time, but also the value of being a woman and the priorities we should look after as a woman started to take a different direction, going more in favour of developing strong, emancipated and aggressive women and making obsolete the role of a loved, caring mother.

The second wave was that women became less interested in staying at home and having children. Societies started praising the new “Super Women” who climbed into leadership positions in business or became elite athletes, models or scientists. There was no room left to praise the ordinary Mother, the invisible soul that stays home and ensures the family stays together.

The third wave is a curious “cultural” explosion in gay communities. Suddenly, gay life was in Vogue. I’m not talking about the traditional homosexual or lesbian preferences, which are respectable. The whole community started to transform itself into a binary rainbow of infinite possibilities. Men that “feels like a woman” could actually get pregnant if they really want it. A trans woman can fall in love with a man. Or with a chimpanzee, or with a plant. Doesn’t matter. Your ideologies and feelings override biology and common sense.

A fourth wave is an emergence of “Feminazis”- extremist women that take “toxic masculinity” to the next level. The anger towards men is such, that they consider the natural and beautiful act of making love a “subjugation to machist dogmas”. So if you have an orgasm, you might very well be collaborating in keeping the machos in power, a sin in today’s rainbow standards.

And what would come next?

It wouldn’t surprise me, that the trend goes towards the complete eradication of any sexual identification. Asexuals, transhumans- any sign of human sovereignty is gone.

You might think I am exaggerating, but just think a bit about it.

Without the traditional family construct, the moral values that hold our civilization become blurry and obsolete. The lack of values and tradition causes confusion. Confusion causes chaos and depression.

Disconnection causes hate and wars. Connection causes love and harmony.

The family nucleus connects us to our core and our nature. The strength and assertiveness of a strong father and the loving care of a mother make you feel safe and loved. Anything else will lead to disconnection and chaos.

This is the big dystopia of our times.

Destroy families systematically, and you will destroy humanity.

Maintain healthy families and your societies will strive. That’s our only hope.

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