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The Success Mindset, my first book coming soon!

Dear readers,

I have been working very hard these past weeks/months. As a mother of two toddlers, working almost full time in my praxis, reading, and of course, writing sometimes is difficult to find some quiet time to catch up. However, I didn’t want to wait any longer to share with you the great news that my first authored book, The Success Mindset, is soon going to be published on Amazon!

This is a dream come true for me. Since I was a little kid, I loved to read, write and hear stories about people. For many years, I’ve been studying the lives of leaders who I consider have been the most transcendental in human history. I have read and learnt intensively about the life of great philosophers, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists. Successful people from all paths of life.

I always wondered, what it is about them that made them so successful in life. Was it their life circumstances? Their luck? Their wealth? Their faith?

My quest in finding the truth- a truth I found fascinating because it applied as well to nearly every individual with real success- inspired me to document everything I have seen and learnt over the years and summarise them in a series of principles.

When I became a professional coach and started to get my first clients, I decided to apply those principles, and saw great results. My clients were able to transform their lives by discovering what gives them real joy and plenitude.

I have discovered my mission, and through this book I will guide you to find your own.

You will discover what is the difference between the feeling of a life that has a direction and a meaning, an inexhaustible capacity to prove a source of personal fulfilment and joy, and that of a life marked by compromise with a daily reality that seems to have forever frustrated our own ability to aspire to something different, better, to succeed.

Curious to know more?

Pre-order NOW your Kindle copy in Amazon following the below link:

There will be a Paperback version too, which will be available for pre-order on September 26, 2021

The official publication day is October 29, 2021!

Stay Tuned! And thank you for being here 🙂

Paola Knecht’s book goes even deeper, going so far as to shed light on the deep mysteries of the human personality itself, on the secrets of that inner voice that has guided so many great leaders in their choices that have influenced millions of people, on the enigmas of that intuition that seems to be our most intimate connection with infinity.

The Success Mindset” is an amazing book, and it is a must-read.”- J.E. King

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