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I’d rather be crazy….

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and happy, than being normal and boring.

That was the thought that crossed my mind while I passed by a bus stop and observed how people were looking at me in a sort of disbelief: It was snowing, minus two degrees, very early in the morning and this lady is running and smiling like crazy in her jogger pants, with just a small sweater and no wearing any hand-gloves, no mask, no scarf. I passed them, feeling like a flake of snow, all light and easy, while they were all heavily covered up, from head to toes, umbrella included, mask on, all squeezed under the small glass ceiling of the bus stop cabinet.

I know, maybe I am a little crazy. But I am a hard-core jogger and I love to go out for a jog regardless of the weather. It just makes my heart sing.

The whole experience made me reflect of how blessed crazy people is. They are beyond any sort of judgment. They freely express themselves; they dance in the rain, scream in the forest, laugh until it hurts, display the life latent inside of them.

“Normal” people follow rules. They are afraid of getting wet. They don’t smile to strangers. They prefer to be quiet and behave well. Seems like you need to shake them to take out a bit of life. … “hey life, are you there??”

Normal nowadays is the life sentence of boredom.

In our attempt to be civilized, we forget to enjoy.

I sometimes wonder, how would this world look like, if everybody would just be themselves, plain and simple? No wannabes or wannahaves. No titles to defend; no image to protect.

I think it would be a fantastic world. A world worth living.

We think we are a free society, but maybe we don´t have any idea of what real freedom is.

I don´t remember having a single day where I do not have to think about being myself without breaking any “rule”. Here in Europe, the word “forbidden” is the most common you see on the streets. Oh boy, how governments love that phrase.

“Forbidden to pass this street. Forbidden to smoke here. Forbidden to sit there. Forbidden to not wear a mask. Forbidden the access to pets. Forbidden to…. breathe? I think we are close to that.

Civilization and it’s obsession with law and order had converted people in domesticated pets.

Don’t get me wrong; I do believe a civilized behavior is necessary to keep peace; but not at the expense of suppressing the joy of the self; the joy of living.

We call people “crazy” when they behave “not in line” with an expected behavior. Maybe that person does not follow the rules; shows too much emotion in public; maybe they act more euphorically, they do not follow any expectations. Crazy people live in their own world; their happiness is generated in the inside.

Many people confuse “crazy” with mentally “ill”. Mentally-ill people cannot control their emotions. They act in a “primitive” fashion. They are dangerous for society. Or so they claim.

I think we do not have yet an understanding of what makes people “mentally-ill”. Researchers, doctors and the medical institutions often refer the mentally illness problem as a “genetical disorder”- a failure of your genes. An error of nature.

Wait a minute… can nature be mistaken? Can nature have errors?

I’m not so sure about that. I think we “humans” create the errors. We produce all sorts of trash like synthetic chemicals, all sorts of pollutants and alter nature modifying our food and our genes in our attempt to “understand” and “improve” nature, and our arrogance makes us believe that nature can be wrong and we can correct it.

Maybe the genetical malfunctions have anything to do with it?

Call me crazy, but I believe that nature is perfect, is marvelous, sublime and supreme beyond our comprehension. God is a perfect designer.

I recognize the technological and scientific advances that have enabled our civilizations to flourish, but do we really understand at the extent of what? What is the price we are paying?

Are we happier, healthier, and mentally stronger?

If a small viral flu created such a worldwide drama, shutting down our life as we knew it, for the sake of saving a few lives…. I don´t think so.

Just look at this world statistics: as of today:

Ca. 137,000 people died of a seasonal flu this year

Ca. 780,485,000 people are obese and ca. 1.8 billion people have overweight

Ca, 3,000,000 tons of toxic chemicals are released this year

Ca. 12 billion cigarretes are being smoked (today!)

Ca. 3,000,000 people died of cancer this year


I’m not a fan of statistics because I don’t believe, as a scientist myself, that there is a trustable base to count with clear rules. But at least statistics help us a little bit to put the world into context, parting from the belief that the rules are defined with the best possible knowledge we have.

We have for sure far bigger problems to solve as humanity than a seasonal flu pandemic, but we, the “normal people”, either decide to consciously ignore it and go with the flow, or maybe is just plain and simple ignorance?

I wonder who is really mentally ill now…

In a world full of normal people, I prefer to be the crazy one. I prefer to question, to challenge the status quo, to go out there and live fully.

I chose to trust nature, to trust my body and it’s self-healing capabilities… to trust LIFE.

This is the only chance we have to live it… so why to deny it’s right?

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