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On The Road To Transformation

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Many people believe transformation means chaos and uncertainty, but actually, the real transformation comes from a source of stillness.

On my usual jogging trail in my beloved forest, I couldn’t stop admiring the wonderful stream of autumn colors- the colors of transformation: The once summer bright green dominating the trees scenery being transformed into different shadows of yellow, orange and reddish… it happened so subtle but at the same time with such as speed that I wonder how could it transform itself so quietly before anyone ever noticing of it.

It made me reflect in our own transformational journey. Every day we have the opportunity to transform ourselves. Every fresh morning we have at our disposition a full day with unlimited opportunities. What do you decide to do on a certain day? Do you go on with your day with a planned agenda, dictating every hour of your life, or do you leave some room for silence and observation, for bringing some awareness of what is really happening on the now?

We often say that change is the only constant in life, but, are we aware of what is changing? How does change affects you on the way you think, act and feel? Are you aware of the forces driving the change?

Only by sitting back and observe is when we are really able to get awareness of the mechanisms of transformation. In autumn also starts the daylight transition in preparation for the winter: The days start to get shorter, the nights longer. The sun starts delaying its appearance and shines subtler, humbler. The trees start to experience the fall of leaves. Our bodies feel the need for more rest and less frenetic activity. Everything in the environment is calling us for slowing down and make time for reflection.

In our attempt to fill out our days with frenzy activity, we tend to ignore the signals from our environment. We keep waking up at the same time, we strive to do all our deeds with the same energy and determination. We push our bodies and our minds to keep striving, to keep going, and we miss the opportunity to sit back in stillness to steer our own transformation.

Today, I set you a challenge for change: what if you turn off the alarm clock and just wake up together with the sun at least once a week? what if instead of staying up so late watching a movie or looking at your mobile as usual, you go to sleep as soon as the moonlight is starting to appear in the horizon? What if instead of filling your days with endless to-do lists, we let ourselves one day of quietness and enjoy fresh smell of zimt, pumpkin and wood?

I wonder what would happen, if we tune back to the peace of transformation that our beloved environment displays to us in such a wonderful and wise manner. Maybe we will shed light on our own transformation in so many new ways!

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