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The Armored Man

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I have seen you in front of a mirrow, Armored Man

why are you so afraid?

Why do you move so rigidly?

I try to look into your eyes, but you don’t want to look at me,

you see me and lower your sight;

Are you afraid of me?

Are you afraid of what you will see through my eyes?

I guess you are, Armored Man.

You will see yourself, reflected.

The other day I tried to talk to you,

but you rolled your eyes and walked away;

You don’t want to listen,

it’s impossible to have a conversation with you,

you have eyes to see and ears to hear

but you refuse to use them;

You want to remind blind to your own realities.

Armored Man, why are you so afraid of the truth?

You cherish the courageous, but refuse to take action;

You blame and judge others,

but are uncapable to see your own misery.

Armored Man, your life is so small inside that armor

you can barely walk straight

there is so much heavy weight to carry on…

Armored Man,

you dream about Life,

but are unable to live Life.

Why are you so afraid?

Why do you want to remain hidden?

You cannot escape Life, Armored Man

it’s time to face it;

Take out your heavy armor,

and open your heart,

feel the living force inside,

and let it run free!

I have seen you in front of a mirror, Armored Man.

Paola Knecht- February 2022

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