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The Secrets of Nature: Lessons From a Shinny Yellow Buttercup

Walks in the forest are my remedy to get clarity of mind. Every time that I have the privilege to do it, the nature teaches me a new insight; it gives me new inspirations about life. For me, nature is the best teacher, and the best designer that will ever exist.

In one of my routinary walks, I decided to pay more attention to the forest ground. I observed the different sorts of plants growing on the soil; the numerous wild flowers adding lively colors to the different shades of browns and greens from the trees. Suddenly, I noticed a golden-like shine: Hundreds of tiny little flowers, with an amazing yellow butter- like color. I was so fascinated by them that I decided to cut some of them and take them home.

It might sound like an ordinary act, but for me it had some sort of magic, looking at that stunning bright yellow color at the edge of the walking trail. It was like following a magic yellow path, like at the Wizard of Oz movie. I have walked this path many times, but how can it be that I never really paid attention to such a beautiful thing? Probably, I was too busy in my own thoughts to even realise the surroundings.

Back at home, I took out from my backpack the cut flowers I collected from my forest little trip and I realized sadly that they had lost their shinny yellow color, their glowy effect. The petals were weak and pale. Definitely, the flowers were slowly dying. This small but sad incident made me realise something quite powerful about life: Every living thing , when disconnected from their source, looses their light and eventually dies.

I believe the same happens to us. How many times we have chosen to “disconnect” ourselves from our source- our inner nature, our intuition… only to find out later how unhappy, anxious, and frustrated we have become? Eventually we also feel like dying; like our energy its getting drained and our light is shutting down.

A second big lesson I got from nature, is about simplicity and design. My fascination of this little flower made me investigate why they do have that sparkling bright yellow color. Ranunculus buttercups, are their original name. It turns out, the petals get the bright colours from the yellow pigments in the petal´s surface layers. The gloss-like look comes from the air that accumulates beneath the petal´s surface, which reflect the light like if it would be a mirrow. Some interesting facts about these little plants is that they track the sun. In order to keep the warm temperature on cold days, the petals form like a cup disk, which helps to keep the solar energy for longer times and so the insects can come and warm up as well on it.

By keeping the warmth on the center of the flower, where the reproductive organs are located, the process of fertilisation gets triggered and the seed development can be kept, even at exterior cold temperatures (

The learning is that the color, brightness and shape of the flower, are not just there for being merely an adornment, but it actually has a crucial function which helps to preserve the overall ecosystem of the forest and the living creatures on it. The beauty of every creation relies on the simplicity of their design while having a fundamental function behind it.

The same analogy we can apply to what we create as humanity. As co-creators of this World, we have the responsibility to create beautiful and functional things, that help us advance as part of the overall creation. How can we implement the lessons of the nature, to our own doings? How can we create more consciously, beautiful and functional spaces and things in our lives and in the lives of others?

Looking at my life, it made me reflect on which things, situations and relationships I am creating, and which of those are really adding value to my life: Which things are beautiful and functional to be kept at my home? Which other things are not bringing any value or function and I can get rid of?

Which situations are allowing me to grow and evolve, and which ones are blocking my path?

Which kind of people am I allowing in my life? Do they inject more energy and light to my life or are they draining me slowly?

What a beautiful teacher, the nature can be! Just to look. Carefully look at everything that surrounds us: Every flower, every rock, every insect, every grain of sand…all of those small little elements, if we observe them carefully and with full awareness, they unfold so many of the beauties and mysteries of life.

Next time you go out for a walk, watch carefully. Something amazing can be revealed to you!

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