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In a World Built by Lies, Have the Courage to Speak your Truth

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Language is possibly one of the most powerful tools for survival in our human nature. It is only possible through language to live in communities, form entire civilizations and transcend the animal kingdom by being able to convert an idea into matter through the explicit use of our spoken language.

We create our own world but we rarely think about the mechanisms about how precisely we are building that world for ourselves. How can we shape our own life?

The answer that came to my mind is simple: through language.

But language is so powerful, so magnificent that it can create wonderful things as much as it can completely destroy them.

By the use of language, you are crafting your life… word by word.

So, what happens when you use your language to distort reality?

We know that we can say anything we want, and we shape our own reality by doing so. That’s why lying is even considered something regular people do most of the time.

Everybody tells a lie, here and there right? It can be a white, non-offensive lie, or a big one; so big a grotesque nobody even can believe it is actually a lie.

As Joseph Goebbels, the sinister politician in the Nazi era used to say: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

Big lies can become collective realities, if the critical mass of people believes them and regard them as true. A collective lie which is seen as reality can define the destiny of entire nations and the world at large.

Lies can be powerful allies when you want to hide from someone or something. Telling lies is a defence mechanism to avoid facing and dealing with the truth… with the pure and naked reality.

In that sense, it is logical to think that the more you lie, in order to get certain things in life (maybe power, money, recognition, acceptance… whatever it is) the farthest away you are from really knowing who you are.

You are lost in a thousand-mirror puzzle. One little lie has to be covered by a bigger lie, and the bigger lie by another very very big lie and if you are not clever and keep track of all the lies you will start to contradict yourself; you will lose the sense of reality. You will be disoriented and out of touch. Probably you need to invent a new lie to get out of that embarrassing situation- but it will be a weak foundation and will collapse again once you have to cover up the new lies associated.

What a strange world. Why do we ever have to rely on lies to live our lives?

Lying builds sand castles in unstable clouds, but telling the truth really keeps you firm on the ground.

Real and deep human interaction that is constructive only comes from a place of trust. And to be able to be trusted, you need to tell the truth. Here’s how you can start practising getting your true voice out:

· When you talk, pay attention to your inner emotions. Do you feel nervous, or inadequate or does your voice sound weak? If that’s the case, you are talking from a place of fear, which is fertile ground for lying

· Start to consciously recognize your own lies; every time that you caught yourself saying one, write it down and keep a log; are you capable of doing such exercise?

· When you are caught saying a lie- ask yourself: what will be my expected benefit for having said that lie? What could be the consequence if I ever got caught? What result has more impact on my life and why?

· If you want to discover who you really are, ask yourself: am I willing to pay the price of knowing who I really am? Even if that means being exposed to my own truth, my authentic thoughts and desires? Am I willing to defend myself by always striving to tell the truth?

People demand constant communication to keep their minds organized. Therefore, by communicating with the language of truth to others, you are not only helping your own mind come to terms with your true self but also, you are helping others to do so as well. Because as much as lies are contagious, truth is even more. People realise the spark in the eyes, the passion that emanates from the eloquent heart.

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